I really do. You are all wonderful people with wonderful photos and I seriously want to draw you. I cannot promise to draw everybody- I am a full time college student, with family and friend stuff going on too. If you don’t like my art (haha, I only have one picture up right now), that is alright - I don’t really mind. :]

How to increase the chances of me drawing you:

  • (1) Like this post and (2) have a photo of yourself that is easily accessible to me somewhere.
  • (3) It would be nice if I could access your Ask box, so I could inform you that your art is complete.

Please note: Re-blogging or following me is nice, but very unnecessary because it does not increase your chances.

  1. spazzydreams said: Hehe you should do the photo of me that you commented on about drawing it. :) I love your art. >.<
  2. skinoftheuniverse posted this
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